How chartering works

The goal of all chartering is to maximise the number of income days. Finding employment for the vessels is an ongoing job, with the aim of getting a new cargo in the tanks as soon as possible after discharging a cargo.

Even before the vessel has reached the port of discharge, the process of finding the next cargo has already started. The vessel is marketed to brokers all over the world, and also directly to potential customers. Through our collaborative partner Stena Bulk, which handle the chartering of our P-MAX tankers on the open market, we have worldwide coverage with a local presence in several parts of the world.

In addition to finding new customers and cargo, it is important to get the logistics around the voyage to function and to optimise the flow. It is important to think several steps ahead – what happens when we reach point B? Is there any cargo there or would it be better to go to point C with empty tanks and find a cargo there? And what is happening in the world around us – what are our competitors doing and how will bad weather, storms, war and unrest affect the flows?